Meet Lydia


This is my beautiful daughter Lydia just before turning one month old.  She will be helping me go on this new adventure called Motherhood. Lydia was born on April 9, 2016 at 2:31pm after about a half hour of pushing. Her birth story is a scary one, but I will say had it not been for doctor intervention she would have been one of those “special” babies born in their amniotic sac. I adore my daughter. She is my best friend and I love being able to stay at home everyday with her.

Her birth story: I woke up Saturday morning with cramps that felt like I either ate way too much that morning or I had to poop pretty badly. From seven in the morning until 1:30PM, what I came to learn were contractions, became progressively stronger and stronger. In a few of my pre-labor readings I read “if you can walk through the contractions and drink water, then it isn’t real labor.” What an absolute load of crock. My husband, Kevin and I were planning on breakfast that morning. We spent 2 hours walking in and out of breakfast places because they were full and we didn’t want to wait. Still the contractions grew stronger. Finally around 10:30AM, we decided on brunch at my workplace. I ordered steak and eggs and he got our famous deep fried French toast. I wound up in the bathroom puking because the contractions were getting pretty bad and were about 5 minutes apart. I managed to eat the steak, but the eggs just didn’t look appetizing anymore. After brunch we went home for a mid-day nap. Kevin managed to nap, I on the other hand struggled through contractions until 1:30PM. At one-thirty I woke Kevin up because there was a heavy period amount of blood. I didn’t think that was supposed to happen. When we got to the hospital I was admitted into the ER. After the DR looked he said, “there are different kinds of miscarriages,” then he ordered Morphine and an ultrasound. Thankfully, the ultrasound tech got to me before the Morphine. We found out I was in labor and ready to go. I labored all 10cm at home. After about a half hour of being allowed to push, I 100% naturally birthed my 6lb 13oz and 19.75in long baby girl Lydia Jade P.


Isn’t she just the most precious thing you’ve ever seen?! She is now an even more beautiful, cooing, trying to roll over, feet kicking, and heart-melting 3 month old. She wears size 2 diapers, though I’m sure if I wanted to now I could put her in size 3. She’s growing so fast I don’t see her fitting in 3-6 month clothing much longer. I am so not looking forward to buying 6-9 month already. Lydia loves only one of her teething toys, a wand, and this obnoxious ladybug toy that plays the tunes of nursery rhymes. We certainly need to buy her more learning toys, but until we get around to doing that she watches about 20-30 minutes of the Baby Signing Time sign language videos on YouTube.


We hope you all tune in for our next Day in the Life post; thanks for reading!